The call for papers is currently closed.

Open: Thursday, December 6 2019.

Deadline: Sunday, March 22 2020.

Acceptance notification: Sunday, April 2 2020.

This conference is intended to be community-based, which means two things when applying for a presentation:

  • We do not accept the product- or vendor-related pitches. We are a vendor-neutral conference focused on the topics relevant to cybersecurity and information security. By this, we are referring to sales pitches. Companies, vendors, or professionals are more than welcome to come to share their experiences, knowledge, and points-of-views.
  • The success of the entire conference is depending on the community, which means you! We are looking for speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and participants ready to learn and have fun.

We are looking for presentations preferably about relevant and popular topics around information or cyber-security. If you are working on a new tool, performing interesting research, or hunting a security bug, we want to hear about it! We are also interested in basic and more general security-related topics, so if you don't have "shiny new research" but want to teach the participants about some well-known techniques that are widely used and useful; let us know and we'll see where to place it!

As previously stated, as our budget is very limited, we sadly cannot cover any travel, subsistence, or presentation costs. We are hoping for the applicants' understanding.

We would also like to ask the speakers to make sure their presentations are timed as precisely to their chosen presentation lengths as possible. This will help to keep the schedule precise and without any unwanted breaks. This goes for both going over the selected timeframe as well as going under. Please be as precise as possible. We will provide time measurement devices for assistance.

Presentation formats

We accept four types of presentation formats:

  • 30 + 5 minutes - Presentation consisting of 30 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes of q&a and discussion
  • 20 + 5 minutes - Presentation consisting of 20 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes of q&a and discussion
  • 2 hours - Workshop with a hands-on approach
  • 10 minutes - lightning talks - Presentation consisting of 10 minutes for the presentation and q&a

Lightning talks can be submitted on the spot, for all other presentations fill out the submission form.

Topics of interest

Below are some topics to spark your ideas for potential presentations:

  • Network security
  • Application and Web security
  • Bugs and Reverse Engineering (finding and fixing)
  • Malware
  • Mobile security
  • Usable security
  • Virtualization, Container, and Cloud Computing Security
  • Innovative attack / defense strategies
  • Incident Handling, Forensics and Anti-Forensics
  • Embedded device security / IoT
  • Cryptography, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptozoology and other Crypto-fu
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
  • Cyberspace, Policing, Law, Interception, and Human Rights
  • Physical security and lockpicking
  • Human hacking / Social engineering
  • Biometrics
  • Hardware hacking
  • Phreaking
  • Biohacking, Biometrics, and modification
  • Open-source software
  • Massive abuse of technology
  • Evolutionary computing

These topics are in no way limiting or all-encompassing. If you have a topic that is not listed here but believe that it will be interesting from the information security and cyber-security point of view, send it anyway and it surely will be considered.

To submit a presentation, fill out the google form below.

Note: CFP is currently closed. !